The new shopping trolley from ‘La Mule’ is not only pretty but practical, heavy foods go in the lower basket and lighter ones on top.

It consists of two baskets (of woven chestnut) hanging on a chestnut wood frame, and supported by two wheels with metal rims. You won’t find a more ‘eco’ trolley than this!

Each basket lifts off the frame easily, and can be put down anywhere.  You will never need to lift the weight of a whole trolley again, just remove the baskets.

There is no need to bend down to unload your shopping. Just lift the baskets directly onto your kitchen counter, with no risk of leaving the roast at the bottom of a bag !

The baskets can be a wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Weight 3.5kg, height 91cm,  width 38cm, capacity 35 litres